Friday 14 September 2012

Shaun Ross In Johannesburg For SA Fashion Week

I absolutely love Shaun Ross’s work. He is such a super pedigree DIVA. He is a Vogueing Queen (slash) Working Model (slash) Various Magazines Cover Star (slash) a phenomena (slash), (slash) and (slash). The chirl can turn it up! As a cuppa-big-deal; first working albino male model and also openly gay, you just gotta love this kid’s hustle. He is THE TRUTH!

You might have seen him vogueing it out with Solange in Beyonce’s “Party” music video and Katey Perry’s music video for “E.T”. I recently I spotted Miss Thang werking it out in Patrik-Ian Polk’s film “The Skinny”; that was one of the reasons I just had to watch that film.

So you can imagine how excited I am at the prospect of Shaun Ross proper featuring in Johannesburg, in about two weeks or so for SA Fashion Week and a shoot with  
GQ Magazine South Africa. Well, at least that’s what he tweeted. So if the smoke is thick enough who cares about the fire!  Now we wait, in anti...cipation!


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