Friday, 19 October 2012

466/64 Fashion Autumn Winter 2013 Collection Exclusive Preview

Miss Barbara Tosalli absolutely DELIVERED with this autumn / winter 2013 collection. The pieces are; strong, bold, with well thought-off details and lavishly textured. That denim strategic branding placement is just sheer genius! Oiy, how am I going it paint this for you with words? I suggest you visit your nearest Stuttafords store and have a look at the inner thigh of the 466/46 Fashion denims you will understand what I am rattling about. 

Barbara took us through the pieces with precision and poise. No poer-poer but rather focusing on key factors and pointers that addresses each and every detail on the garment. An introduction of interesting cuts and designs yet not veering to much away from the signature and values of the 466/64 Fashion woman. Sharing with us the prime fabrics used on the garments with the confidence only a person who believes in their great work can. 

As you can see Melissa Maxted (HEAT Magazine Fashion Editor) went cray-cray for the pieces and was trying just about everything!

Have a look at the Spring Summer 2012 collection HERE

P.S The brand has now changed from just 46664 Fashion to 466/64 Fashion reason why is another story for another day


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