Thursday 9 August 2012

Zuraida Jardine | Prude, Textured & Layered

I absolutely love this new brewing ladies style trend I have recently decided to coin “The Modern Lady”. Naturally all the knowing fashion and style gurls are at the fore front of it!

The power women are choosing to cover up and still maintain their pungent femininity demeanour and most of all, still be able to make the heads turn and get acknowledged when they step in to a room. Cover up and reveal a little when absolutely necessary for maximum impact, I advocate!

Refer to this post I did on Janine Jellars

Look at Mrs. Lindberg looking a picturesque of absolute class. The look is built on an old school classic denim skirt and crispy white fitted shirt. Layered with a paisley floral velvet textured crop jacket; finished off with a classic Burberry silk scarf and pearl aviation-esque broach. And we have here; different shades of leather; Black Christian Louboutin boots, burgundy dress belt and a deep drown clutch bag!

I have no idea how she pulled this off considering that she was working with different kinds of texture, colours and unconventional piece but she gone-did smashed it out the ID Book! It takes skill and confidence to be able to pull off a knee length denim skirt with a pair of leather boots and pairing different coloured leather pieces together in one look.

She looks like a prude English school teacher with an ability to converse in 12 different languages somewhere in a private school I can only dream of ever have attended! AHFUCKENAMAZING!


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