Sunday 5 August 2012

Janine Jellars | The Little Black Jacket Revived

Janine Jellars - Editor in Chief: Seventen Magazine South Africa;  looking a picture of nothing but old school class! Loving the Little Red Jacket which is obviously a classic revived. Yes, an adaptation of the legendary Coco Chanel piece; ‘The Little Black Jacket’.

Just gotta love fashion people who are with it and get it! They don’t need to shout  it or jump about they just Boh-Ring-It and look To-getha! What I love most about Janine’s look is that midst all the million fashion trends that are suffocating us she opted for a picturesque of old wealth! The rebirth of the modern lady; AHFUCKENAMAZING!

Watch as this spread like wild fire Autumn Winter 2013! The woven fabric, church like two piece suits. P.S Don’t just be about fashion, be able to put it in to context just about every piece you see then afterwards we can chat!


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