Monday, 30 July 2012

Jason Alexander Basson | Fashion & Style Personified

Jason Alexander Basson is without a doubt one of my most respected fashion and style boys in South Africa.
He is not best dressed or stylish because he is always wearing a tuxedo nor because he is male fashion and style sheep. The kind of sheep that notoriously wears a blazer + Slim cut slack + slip ons accessorised with a pocket square or a big watch. If not that they are in a tux. NO, none of that here!
It doesn’t hurt that he is God’s way of aesthetics show off. He should be on the pages of GQ and L’HOMME as the face of some luxe brand name not writing for these publications. I suppose he can do both and more. If you got it going on, you got it going on!
I spanned him at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town SS 12-13 tastefully wearing all the three colours that matters this season; white, black and yellow. The two blocked monochromatic look which is spot on the money!
Sports tights (leo material) and an oversized print tee? YES PLEASE, talk about a gym class hero!
When I saw all of this I closed my eyes and said a little prayer. I said; YES, I am glad someone came to WERK today. All this, as the fashion angles above broke out into a harmonious sensations of jubilation!
Stalk him here: EYE OF NEEDLE

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