Wednesday 6 June 2012

Thithi Nteta | Ferosh Joburg Fashion & Style IT Chirl' Dossier

I really enjoyed tearing out the Chanel No. 5 scented page out of Thithi’s Little Black Book and devouring it for a better comprehension of who the chirl is beyond Joburg’s fashion and social boulevards.  I have socially known Thithi for a while now and have worked with her once or twice when I was still shaking my tits for Skye Distributions and she was with Dossier Magazine.

It’s not like we go out and have a cuppa tea and coo about the hottest Essie nail polish colours or anything but we are socially cool. I can walk up to her and pass my greetings and have a chat.

I have always known that she embodied something meaty that is more than just a well put together look and I have always wanted to know what she is about and this Q&A is just enough to solidify the respect I have had for her as a fellow human being and her work to more than just on a social platform. 

So sit back and enjoy this stylish lady’s views, opinions, believes and inspirational words. Get to know her and appreciate her for who she is. Learn from her, nick her look and pay home gurl some homage next time you see her on the streets. This will help you to alleviate that notorious inner voice you get when you out, the voice that tends to ask; “I always see this person around, what is it that she do and what is their social ranking and relevance, who is she and what does she do?”

If you ever wondered here is her Dossier:

You are respectable lady who is brilliant at what she does and you always Boh-Ring-It chirl.
Lol, that is super nice of you to say. I am just a girl doing what she can to make things happen for herself.

 What is it that you do and why?
I work at Red Bull as the Field Marketing Manager for the Inland region. I love working at Red Bull because I love the brand, I love music, culture, sport and lifestyle experiences; and some of the best events I have been to, as a non-Red Bull employee have been Red Bull events.

 In between my work at Red Bull I can officially say I am a blogger, and in between blogging I work as a freelance stylist when I have time and the desire.
You are a biggest inspiration to someone reading this; may you please share with them a few words of wisdom they will forever cherish, and ignite their will power to keep on keeping on:
I think the two things I have learnt in both my professional and personal life is to keep it real and to have some level of self-worth. The problem with industries like I have been working in, is that sometimes 'getting the exposure' is not enough and at some point it is important to know what you have to offer and fight for it.

It's just really important to get your instincts right. It took me a while before I could ascertain what was a good opportunity and what wasn't and to have the confidence to turn down somethings because they didn't work for me. I think the core of all this is being honest with yourself and what you want. Having clear goals and being able to recognise opportunity when it presents itself to you.
The most unglamorous thing about fashion is?
I have a lovely love affair with fashion, especially fashion shoots. I love steaming, taping up shoes, sourcing and doing returns. This is probably because I don't do it on a regular basis like when I was working for magazines. If I was to cite one thing that is unglamorous about the fashion industry, it would be that it's hard to get your foot in and that people who have had their moment in it stay for a long time. In South Africa this is only an issue because of the limited publications, especially if you are a young girl or boy who wants to work for a magazine.

When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards, and just go ahead and do what you
know is right?
When you feel like you have learned all you can where you are and can't see yourself going further. I am extremely competitive with myself. Mediocrity frightens me more than anything in the world. When I feel like I can do this with my eyes closed is when I feel that I can take the leap and move onto other challenges or fly solo.

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken?
 I really don't know the answer to that question. For the most part I have been lucky because I have been head hunted by the companies and projects I have worked on, but in terms of what I put in and took out, that was all me. Lately I have a clearer direction of what I want to do and a plan in place on how to get there, so I am a bit more thought orientated in my late twenties.

Overall I would say I have controlled the course my life has taken because at every turn, at every unexpected occurrence, work or relationship wise, I have controlled (or tried to) my behaviour, participation and reaction to those things and have thought carefully about what I want to take from those things.
There is a limited collaboration and a share of resources in South African industries, what is your take on this?
I really think it is a pity that there is limited collaboration because I think that numbers are stronger, more ideas make for richer content, better ideas etc. I have always been an 'us' person instead of a 'me' person so sharing of information, collaborating has never been an issue for me and I am always open to it. I have no major desire for attention and glory of anything. I am super excited about some collaborative projects I am working on in the next 6 months of this year and for me they will only make the platforms I am developing a lot better and we all need to big each other up is what I say.
You’re having lunch with three people you respect and admire. They all start criticizing a close friend of yours, not knowing she is your friend. The criticism is distasteful and
unjustified. What do you do?
I keep quiet until I am asked. If asked I will share my experience of this close friend. I am fiercely loyal. A couple of days ago I tweeted "I am a ride of die bitch" and then continued to add “this is sometimes my flaw." Whilst I stand up fiercely and fight ferociously for those I love, I have learned to pick my battles. So when I asked I will be bluntly honest defend my friend’s honour. Sometimes the best option is to shut up, but when you are called to battle for those you love, you fight.

To DISH more about Thithi Nteta CLICK HERE


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