Wednesday 13 June 2012

Crop, Nipple & Flesh

I took images of this chirl a few months back – please someone ID her – all I know is that she is a South African blogger and I believe I have stumbled upon her blog a few months back but I never bookmarked it. Anywhoo

I saw these images of Miss Rhi-Rhi causing havoc in SOHO with her pale pink sheer lace bandeau top and reminded me of my home gurl’s look, only she clad this in February already.
All I know is, t this spring summer 2012 it’s going to be loads of fun if not H&M when it comes to people going cray and experimenting with trends. There are just too many trends happening right now, it makes my head spin, I just cannot keep up anymore! So be prepared to see nipples galore bouncing about town doing their own thing. What is so sacred about a nipple that every time someone shows a nipple there is a world pandemonium?  I find it tad silly, it’s like really? A nipple? HUH?

Rihanna’s look is actually a steal nothing that could tear your purse’s stiches or shrivel up that magic plastic with the magnetic strip! The only pricey thing she is wearing is THE BAG remembers my post about THE BAG?! Well then again with what chirl is wearing there isn’t much material to pay for. Loving the monochromatic two toned colour hue combo she rocked. O' and the body chain harness!

So who made a HOME RUN (well not that home run) and took it home? Home Gurl or Miss Bardados 1988?

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  1. Fortunately for you, I'm addicted to all South African blogs including yours ;-)
    Here she is Bargain Princess, she actually posted your photo too.