Thursday 10 May 2012

Its In The Smile | Samkelo Ndlovu & Ongeziwe Lupuwana aka

These are some of my favourite shots I took of Samkelo Ndlovu and Ongeziwe Lupuwana aka OzJustwarm from TheWarmBrother not following?  Click HERE to see the brothers that should bring you up to speed. 

I once sent out a tweet stating; “There is no one who smiles like someone who is in love.” These images are pretty much visual versions of those sweet words.

I do not if the duo are in love or not, let alone if they going out. All I know is that they look so sincere, content and simply happy together on these images I spontaneously took.  I was sheer undeniable chemistry and I happened to have had a camera on tow at that point in time and I snapped away!

The Diva of all times Mama Cher sang ‘It’s In His Kiss’ I say it’s in the smile. What do you reckon, how do you tell when someone is in love?

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