Friday 25 May 2012

Get The Look | Arm Candy Galore

Accessories they are quintessential and most import than anything else you wear. They can miserably break your look if worn without a taste and they also have the power to do so in their absence. 

When choosing an accessory you have two options; to build your look based on an accessory or use an accessory to finish off a look. Both options tricky and dangerous if not practised properly. 

Modesty is long gone and forgotten as from the past two seasons going forward, for as much as we can push it. Do not sparkle, ice is unappreciated in addition the glare emitted from it harm our precious eyes. 

The rule is more is less; bulk it up and if you feel like you walking around with 5kgs worth of weight on your wrists congratulations you have arrived! You have a created an arm party, with various arm candies to serve! Did you know the term “arm party” was coined and is trademarked by Man Repeller, No?  Well now you know. 

Yes the trend is tired and I believe this season will see the end of it. Don’t let that stop you from indulging! I have kinda stopped, as I went hard on this one. I just couldn’t deal with the drama that came with taking off 105 pieces of my wrist pieces when I got home, looks gawjus but the admin is just as tideous!

Keywords: Statement, Statement, Statement, Statement, Statement!

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