Friday 20 April 2012

Hlelo and Ntando Masina For V.O.I.L.A Issue 13



With nothing but sheer opulence Issue 13 is tastefully covered by Hlelo and Ntando Masina.
The guys from VOILA must be in possession of a magical hat because they just keep on pulling those rabbits out the hat and screaming V.O.I.L.A at the cost of our jaws that are always dropping like a working gurl’s  booty off the pole to the floor!

They have been yanking them rabbits out like P.E.T.A has been declared out of business!
This work is magical, it is phucken amazing and simply out there to yank up from the galaxy, it’s unreal. I am going to go ahead and borrow from Rachel, the only Rachel in the world Miss Zoe if you will and say I DIE, BANANAS, SHUT UP and turn a corner to borrow from Bryan Boy and say BABOOSH, mince it up the stair case and snatch from Harpers Bazaar’s fashion editorial SPREAD and say DEATH BY, I will go on to borrow from LoveBscott and say GIMME MY 10s 10s 10s!

I love the story being told on this spread “It Takes Two” carrier a heavy sexual connotation of how the rich and out most fabulous behave. From descending the staircase, playing hide and seek in this dark, misty, oaky mansion, seducing each other, tying up the “It Take Two” opening shot by doing the tango and wrapping it up with the intimate girl-on-girl undertones shot.

This issue is themed “Seeing Double” and right now I am in state where I am drugged up from such great work and about to pass the phuck out! Therefore in true Rachel style; “Just throw me in my coffin now with those earrings on. I'm having a f**king Chanel heart attack right now."

Editor                         | Nimi Pretorius
Hair and Make Up     | Lesley Whitby
All Clothing                | Nina Jarebrink Winter ’12 Collection
Production                 | Louw Kotze
Photography              | Fiona Storey
Photography Emily   | Ed Blignaut

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