Wednesday 21 March 2012

Jerri Mokgofe For PaluluLove

Ever Wondered How I Do It?

 Well… You know I am loyal subscriber to the school of thought that conduct us to share resources and stick it together after and beyond the point where by the bubbles on the bubbly are flat and the salmon on the canapés smell fishy! 

So come steal my style, tear out a page or five out of  “The Book” my Book; pull an Oliver Twist and pick pocket some of my tricks and trinkets. This you can all do this coming Sunday (25.March.2012). You will find me willing, able and eager to please at Palululove Fashion and Lifestyle Pop Up Event.

Be sure to feature so as to scoop a piece out of my collection, I will have a bag full of knick-knacks. We will soak up some rays, have a cute little tête-à-tête, and whet our ever thirsty throats with fashion, style and opulence.


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