Saturday, 31 March 2012

BREAKING | DFC SA Fashion Week SS 2012

Talk about perfect timing, this just landed in my inbox compliments of a naughty mysterious fashionista who was generous enough to share the 411 wrt!

Word is; this afternoon Diamond Face Couture (DFC) will be show casing a collection themed; “BLACK FOR ALL SEASONS”. Black for Spring / Summer presentation you may ask? Now that’s ground breaking even Miranda Priestly wouldn’t have seen that one coming.

This is ballsy and defying against all norms considering DFC has always been strong in the use of colours especially different hues of Pinks, purples, reds and designs finished off with lavish sparkly trimming and embellishments.

It makes comprehensible sense, we do wear black all seasons and some of us are black all seasons.

I am looking forward to seeing the collection; the direction, styling, silhouettes, cuts, texture and if this will be a totally diverse look and feel from the recognizable Diamond Face Couture from past seasons’ presentations.

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