Tuesday 20 March 2012

Bonang Slams It For VOILA! 12

I LOOOOOVE the syling here LOVE IT!!!

The endowed geniuses behind this marvellous art; 

Stylist                     : Louw Kotze
Stylist Emilys       :  Sahil Marilal & Nicole Faria Samuels
Photographer      : Tereza Cervinkova
Emily                      : Hein Lombard and Flona HOad
Make-up                : Nthato Mashishi
Hair                        : Kelli Fuchs

I love the loyalty programme Bonang and Nthato have established amongst each other; Keep-my-face-BEAT-and-I-will-ensure-to-get-you-booked-at-my-next-gig (I am sure it’s more than that, but come chirl bejamins are quintessential here).

Gurl rolls-heavy-10 with a Glam Squad. It is Brill-I-Love-It! Keep a MUA that understands your skin's needs, can stunningly execute clients’ brief, readily available and most importantly will always have the right kit to BEAT your face to a marvellous plupand leave you looking FEROSH

Bonang Keeps Nthato and The Kardashians Keep Joyce. Fair Deal

O’ wait B.N.G are we rebranding Miss Thang? I love the sound of that maybe for your future clothing line No?


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