Monday 5 December 2011

Lisa Gundelfinger Brought It

Lisa Gundelfinger brought it roaring and savage in a tasteful urban jungle mini dress.  Not only did she scoop a fair share of the aesthetics genes, she is an intellectual too!

Can you believe she is the Advocate of the High Court? Yeap, I know cray cray!

Startling, is having Lisa represent you in the court of Law. I would LOVE to see what she wears to work! She must have the meanest power suits ever!

I would love to think that she is as FEROSH as Helen Gamble (the Assistant District Attorney Character portrayed by Lara Flynn Boyle) in “The Practice”? If there was ever a TV series that made me fall in love with Law it was “The Practice” and Lara Flynn Boyle role was sheer phenomenon it almost convinced me that Law was my destiny.

I am certain you also curious. So let’s make it our next mission, to find out how this stylish / model / socialite / Advocate wears to work.

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