Wednesday 9 November 2011

Lebo LukeWarm Goes D’Angelo-esque

I was briefly going through my Twitter timeline when I came across quite a steamy-super-suggestive avatar; I was like SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! When I realized whose Twitter handle that avatar belonged to. Lebo LukeWarm!
Lebo LukeWarm is one of Johannesburg fetching photographers and I have had the honor of styling and creative directing some of his shoots. I never figured him for the kinda guy to go all birthday suit on the other side of the camera and even upload the artistic images online. I guess when you in possession of that kind of physique all border lines fade away!
First glance at the image I was instantaneously reminded of one of the music video world’s most sensually infamous video “How Does It Feel” by D’ Angelo. I mean who could ever forget that body, we all sat on the edge of the couch hoping that the camera man would make an “Oopsie” and give us a little sneak peak.
Funny thing is no matter how many times you watched that video which you watched from the start to finish with minimal blinking as possible, there would always be that hope, the hope of the camera-man making an “Oopsie”!
Wonder who did the body oiling and organized wardrobe or there-lack-off for this shoot?
Happy FEASTive Season; that shot would make for a perfect Greetings Card Mr. Lebo LukeWarm!

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