Thursday 27 October 2011

Trussardi 1911 Collection SS 2012 Milan Fashion Week

I enjoyed this Trussardi 1911 Collection (from the back of my screen, of course). It sorta touched home, when I saw all these men carrying an absurd quantity of bags I was like HOLD THE LORRY that’s precisely me. I am always schlepping around with bags and bags and I am talking on day to day occurrence. I have a chronic condition (self diagnosed, un named yet) of thinking, I am gonna need this and that. And I hate needing something and I don’t have it on me; therefore I always have a little bag here and there to fit everything and anything.

I absolutely loved this “Bag Lady” vibe going on in the styling. This is a ready-to-wear collection that actually looks like a ready-to-wear worn by real people. I enjoyed their choice of models, styling, creative direction and runway delivery; it has that real-effect without losing the glam fizz.

I love me some Italian SHEER GENIUS!

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