Thursday 27 October 2011

Pump It Up Like A Ballerina

“The 2012 Raphaella Booz for Lilikoi summer collection brings life to this summer season. A nostalgic collection full of color, drama & feminity. It’s divided in three themes: Boho Perfume, Hypercolor and Flower Field.
‘Perfume Boho’takes you on an adventure around the world - merging references of many places such as India, Greece and the Mediterranean. A collection filled with ethnic elements and a Folk 70’s touch. Straw, cork, jute, handmade finishing and a natural look gives this collection an ethnically rustic feel. Embedded in a nostalgic trend of 70’s this themes shows up to give a contemporary feel to this collection.
‘Hypercolor’ is simple in shapes but over exaggerated in color. The pantone’s more vibrant shades merge with each other creating powerful combinations. The result is a look that’s pure energy and optimism, injecting the collection with a new fresh vitality. The stripes are also very strong in this trend, horizontal or vertical with endless combinations of colors and thicknesses.
As delicate as a spring garden, the theme ‘Flower Field’ lives up to its name by incorporating the "peasant girl" style, introducing a romantic and sweet soft spring. The flowers are the main character of this story & are used endlessly this season. From neutral to colorful, romantic and cheerful, this theme is truly like a secret garden of surprise.
Raphaella Booz for Lilikoi will be available at select boutiques nationwide. For stockiest information please call 082 780 3221. “
From The Desk Of: Janna Koppel Public Relations

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