Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Model Star Quality

I judge Darren Struwig is potent in that European male model star quality, I can totally see him as a poster boy for Burberry, Dries Van Noten or Lavin. He photographs well and wears the clothes like a mannequin he was born to be!

Its figures like Darren I would like to see being casted for work,  they offer diversity to our monotonous market.

He was recently in London submitting his books and he told me a funny story that one of the agents told him that: “He is too tall for their market” without missing a beat I said to him: “O’ Honey their market is just too short for a vision like you!”

I heart his shots, they have a fragile-strong juxtaposition. For a photographer he is an ideal subject as he offers versatility and convey emotions clearly.

Someone snatch this boy and show us fireworks!

Most crucially we all know that modelling is like geometry; it's all about the line and shapes, filling them and striking them precisely and painstakingly!

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