Saturday 25 October 2014

Media Release: Introducing Pichulik’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection: Baraka

Baraka, PICHULIK’s new range of accessories, speaks of designer Katherine-Mary Pichulik’s own deep-rooted spirituality that in 2012 prompted her to make the transition from a career as pâtissière to an adventure in jewellery design.

The name of the new range, says Pichulik, is derived from barakah, Arabic for “blessing”, and the strong architectural lines of the bangles and neckpieces have been informed by the architecture of North Africa and the Middle East. The colours and designs evoke the religious talismans of the Berber of Morocco and prayer satchels used throughout the region.

In a departure from her previous multicoloured collections, Pichulik worked with a limited colour palette when designing Baraka. Green and gold are sacred in Islam as they represent paradise while the blue, the colour of protection, is reminiscent of the indigo robes worn by the Tuareg and the colours found in the 400-year-old Sultan Ahmet Camii, Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. These are offset by white, the colour of purity, and black. These simple colours have been masterfully combined and no two pieces are alike yet were made to be worn together in perfect harmony.

Of her affinity for the range, Pichulik, whose grandmother was born in Algeria, says, “What draws me to jewellery design is not merely the making of beautiful adornments but the incredible purpose that it has served throughout history. Jewellery has always been linked to spirituality and important rites of passage. Pieces were crafted with a purpose and imbued with powers such as protection and healing. Baraka excites me as it offers the opportunity to restore this.”

The PICHULIK spring/summer 2015 Baraka campaign is the most recent collaboration with local designer Kat van Duinen, whose pure white designs served as backdrop to Baraka’s Look book.

Photographers KOPE|FIGGINS
Clothes Kat van Duinen
Make-Up Nandi Kai 

Model Rolien Zonneveld

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