Tuesday 3 June 2014

Eau D’arômes, The New Men’s Fragrance By Giorgio Armani

The Jerri View
To reiterate the release, the scent is quite masculine, woody but fresh at the same time. I believe it is a perfect scent for winter season. I would suggest wearing it; for an early business meeting, a formal dinner on a chilly night or as an everyday scent for the office if your 9-5, is within the corporate world.

I tried this fragrance out. I was going out at night and I was wearing all-black-everything and wanted a scent that would encapsulate and represent the mysterious black and masculinity therefore to turn up the woodiness of the eau d’arômes. I layered it with Fan di FENDI Pour Homme which is quite spicy, woody and masculine.

When I wore it during the day I wanted the woodiness slightly toned down and freshness to take center stage. So layered with AZZARO Pour Homme – Summer Edition it is a summer fresh woody fragrance but more Mediterranean freshness than woody.  

I preferred the scent on my skin when layered with another fragrance of choice than in solitude besides the fact that layering creates more sensory depth and mystery. 

The bottle
With clean lines and a subtle play between texture and fabric, the bottle continues to draw inspiration from the iconic Armani jacket. Elegant, with a reflective black Bakelite cap and solid, substantial glass set upon ribbed metallic cuffs for absolute finesse and simple, flawless structure. The ochre shade with golden shimmers, reminiscent of a gentleman’s club, distinguishes this new, very masculine chapter to Giorgio Armani’s fragrance opus.

eau d’arômes stands out with the sparkle of its coppery fragrance, glimmering gently with warmth and spice.

A perfect olfactory interpretation of the iconic Armani jacket - de-constructed, fluid, timeless and incredibly chic - eau pour homme quickly positioned itself as a symbol of masculine elegance. Strong, rich and luminous, this first fragrance created by Giorgio Armani imposes its spontaneous freshness paired with deep, warm virility. The touch of a man with character who has a strong, ultra-refined presence and a hint of nonchalance. A man who dares to wear a different, original style. His jacket, relaxed and de-constructed, drapes across the curves of the shoulder and follows the form of the body leading straight to the essential: the man, his movements, the way he walks… and his scent lingering in the air. A distinctive and unforgettable allure. An inherently Italian style, craftsmanship and creativity unite to design a timeless yet modern classic.

eau de nuit is the elegant essence of the dinner jacket: a midnight blue-black tuxedo, a colour dear to Giorgio Armani. In this fragrance, the exuberance of a fresh cascade of water blends with the rich and bewitching sensuality of amber and iris. Eau de Nuit thus opens a new chapter dedicated to the glamour of the night.

Today, eau d’arômes reveals a new facet of Giorgio Armani Fragrances; a casual and relaxed style inspired by the same iconic fluid jacket but this time in a lighter fabric. The new fragrance evokes a moment away from it all, devoted to simple pleasures, as the warmth of spices intertwines with the freshness of a light Mediterranean breeze for an instant of relaxation.

The vibration of spices
Spicy and spontaneous, eau d’arômes is a play of contrasts, both simple and textured with hints of freshness and warmth. The masterful combination of the spicy-woody and citrus accords creates a deeply textured ensemble: dynamic, masculine and sensual.

The Price
The 50ml RRSP 829.00 and 100ml RRSP 1089.00

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