Thursday 5 September 2013

AZZARO x Spring Summer 2013 Must Have Fragrances #LustListATJ

AZZARO Summer Edition 2013 scents is all (amongst others) you will need this spring summer for some travel companionship and inspiration by far away Mediterranean motifs. The scent fully embodies the summer freshness and the packaging serves as a motivational crystal ball to look at and feel more stimulated to go on that luxe holiday you have been lusting over since January 2013.

Imagine the sinking your toes in the warm white sand by the beach.  Or a picture-esque turquoise or pearly green stretch of water observed from a tranquil distance. Take a moment and listen as the high tide ferociously smashes against the rocks. Imagine the mist of water sprinkling your skin as some kind of spritzers on a high temperature summer day; leaving it warm, sticky and salty. Experience the gentle breeze whilst listening to some jazzy sounds. Allow AZZARO scents to take you on a wild summer journey.

A waft of AZZARO, follow the scent and get lost in the summer lust. You can only be limited by imagination…

Click here  to spill all the juice on how to stand a chance to own one of these and peek what is also in the Lust List Kits up for grabs!

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