Monday 11 November 2013

Media Release: Citymob Strategically Rebrands To Superbalist.Com

Citymob, the well-known design flash sales site, has rebranded bringing consumers into a new era of online shopping. Citymob, previous occupiers of the group buying space became the first online design retailer in South Africa, and are now making exciting changes with their transformation to With the changes set in motion aims to enhance the consumer experience in allowing consumers access to a wide range of quality local and international brands and artists from across the globe. At present there are over 500 worldwide.

The name change brings new and exciting facets to the brand without forgetting its core philosophy of featuring top fashion, design and art. The journey on offer to users boasts an experience of brands and their best product offerings in a capacity that is fluid and unique.
The new site was sparked by product-seeking South Africans who found themselves in an online retail space that was somewhat inaccessible and unexciting. 

“What we discovered with Citymob was a sub-culture of people hungry for outstanding design, looking to purchase the products and brands that made up their everyday lives,” explains Citymob MD, Luke Jedeiken.

With Citymob came a myriad of design devotees in the form of 650 000 registered users, and climbing. With these subscribers to the brand, the site rocketed to new heights, and was acclaimed as one of the top 5 ecommerce companies in South Africa. These design devotees were dubbed the “Superbalists” who are now included in the exciting transformation, and expected to grow to 1 million over the next 3 months. is the single retailer offering art-on-demand, where users can design custom products themselves. The rebrand comes with the perk of an easy to navigate site where consumers have the opportunity to share in an online retail experience that prides itself in originality, creativity and sleek, desirable product offerings. In essence the 500+ brands to choose from, many of which are exclusive to, are awaiting “superbalist” exploration. 

“We realised we’d been talking to a ‘mob ’when we needed to be talking to an individual,” says Luke. “We also wanted to become a destination where our customers know that they can always get certain products from us. But with Citymob we couldn’t do this. Nothing was permanent,” he adds. “All products lived in time-limited, 10 day sales and we quickly began to realise we needed to be more to our customers. We came to a point where we realized we had outgrown Citymob in our ambition to provide our members a world-class offering.”

The movement from Citymob to Superbalist will not change things for the consumer. It will however continue to offer a link to the best in local and international design. The service will keep delivering merchandise products and curated merchandising by their dedicated team of 60 staff that has grown from 17 over the past 12 months. With this there is a dedicated warehouse situated in Johannesburg that is capable of pushing out 6000 products a day. And with the same-day, after hours and weekend deliveries facility, a smoother consumer journey is foreseen.

Where positive changes will be seen is in a greater degree of flexibility and reliability. “With Superbalist we’ll continue to run 10 day events, 30 day pop-up shops and, most importantly, we’ll now have entire standalone departments chock-a-block with permanent and seasonal lines of the best products across our categories, Men, Women, Home, Art and Geekery – with an additional two categories to be launched shortly.”

With the Citymob user growth from 120 000 to 650 000 in 12 months and daily site visits up by 400% over the same period, Superbalist will gain momentum as a timeous rebrand with a consumer-centric outlook.

Visit the new Superbalist website at  to experience it for yourself! The new website went live on 04 November 2014.

From The Desk of:  Kirsten Hopwood | Prestige Communications

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