Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Media Release: Cinnamon S/S 13 Collection

Cinnamon is brand is owned by Jo'burg based Frances Koep Edwards who produces beautifully made flats. What makes these unique is that every pair is handmade and produced in South Africa. Cinnamon's are stylish with a focus on quality, made from leather, suede, linen and other fabrics that will make your heart sing. They are not mass-produced and won't break the bank either!

Something that sets Cinnamon apart is their commitment to giving back. Cinnamon supports Nkhensani that works with abused and abandoned orphans. If you pop a pair of worn (but still good) children’s shoes in the courier bag when you buy shoes online, you’ll get 15% discount on your pair and they will donate the shoes to Nkhensani Orphanage

Happy Shopping!

From The Desk of: Jenna McArthur | Jenna McArthur PR | jenna@jennamcarthur.com