Friday 9 August 2013

Ernest Mahomane x Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town SS 2013 Collection

Ernest Mahomane this is what you are going to do; you are slowly going to dissect your collection and take your time doing some post-mortem on it. Ask as many questions and as much feedback as possible on your pieces. The best people to ask would be a buyer, stranger or someone who can play the devil’s advocate.

Here is the trick - walk away as soon as someone tells you how much they ‘loved it’  your collection and how they thought it was ‘fabulous’ and how you are a ‘genius’ just walk away! You are an amazing designer (potentially at least).

This is your work and at this point there is nothing you can do but to OWN IT! Your next collection is going to blow us out of our ID books. I know this because I can see you got tons and tons of vision in the tunnel.

Someone was supposed to have warned you of these small little things that make a huge difference but they didn’t. Such is life. The milk has been spilt. These things happen.  

Remember: Fit, Form & Finishing!

Image Credit:  photographer / SDR Photo

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