Saturday 22 June 2013

Lily McMenamy: Flawed Interpretive Beauty

When I read this piece on Buzzfeed titled The New Marc Jacobs Campaign Is Really Something” it reminded me of a situation I found myself in a few weeks back whereby I was brainstorming a shoot I wanted to do with a photographer friend of mine. What we needed was a model that was “(...) super ugly in that high fashion kinda way...”

The truth is pretty girls cannot be taken seriously in high fashion editorials and runway shows. Use them for catalogue, pageants and beauty – yes fabulous outside those categories not so fabulous. Fact is for high fashion you have to use someone with a peculiar look; someone who is borderline ugly (note inverted commas in the air with my well manicured nails) not mainstream beauty. (s)he must be like a heinous piece of art you have to work with so people look for beauty within her... am I making sense?

Yes the model can be beautiful but not beauty by the standards of Nip/Tuck. The beauty must be in a form whereby one has to look deep, they did say beauty is ‘skin deep’ after all. I will call it ‘flawed interpretive beauty’. So happy digging for that beauty!

I wouldn’t say Lily McMenamy is ugly she probably suck(ed) her thumb from her early stages of life which might have altered her dental structure and never cared to put on braces. Or she genuinely just has a mouth full of teeth. Period.the.end

I believe the fall/winter 2013 Marc Jacobs campaign lensed by Juergen Teller and styled by Katie Grand, which features models Lily McMenamy and Edie Campbell. Pretty much encapsulates what I just tried to paint with my words.

I love the comment section; it is a space filled with colourful people armed with a wealth of profound words! Below is a comment made by one reader on the Buzzfeed article:

“I think it's ironic that the same people bitching about impossible standards of beauty set by the fashion industry are now the same ones bitching about how "funny-looking" this girl is. Sort your lives out, people.”- Drew Novak

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  1. There is a reason for the word beauty, where people find someone easy looking, and subconsciously proportion ( we don't measure people first then call them beautiful, we just know).
    In her case, I find her ugly. Period. And I won't bother saying it outloud because that will make me rude. But I can't lie.
    What I find it's funny is, nowadays, as long as you're famous, people start complimenting on your ugliest feature and praise you for that. Your way to appreciate her is not right nor wrong, since I am a firm believer of "beauty is in the eyes of beholder" and "beauty is a skin deep". But how can they say her lips are pretty? isn't it a lie, out of pity or just trying to prove "hey I am open minded so I can tell you whatever ugliest I can sing a song to praise it"?
    Pardon my English, it's not my first language.