Wednesday 24 October 2012

Lorinda Voges | GQ Best Dressed Men Awards 2012 | Best Dressed Women

How beautiful is Miss Thang, this is super model beauty. The ideal beauty, the beauty we have been conditioned before we were even born to believe is the ultimate beauty. Trust me I spent a whole hour chatting to a friend about what “Beauty” is using these images as references. And she concluded she is “Super Model Beauty” which she said is the ultimate beauty with a crooked view. People with ‘Super model beauty” they will have a naked beauty irrespective of whether they dolled up or kicking it with a pair of sweatpants and a tee on.

We later concluded that no matter from which view you look at this lady  your end point will always be “She is Beautiful” no matter what comes after uttering the notorious conjunction;  “But”.

Also we concluded that most times, if not always you can tell if someone is really beautiful when they have their hair tied back or pulled off of their faces. Because in that way all the facial features are more exposed and defined. The face is bare for judgement properly, so to speak.

O’ yes, “God help those who help themselves” the saying goes. So why not enhance what you already have going on, to be the ultimate! In commercial talk she is a complete 10 so give the chirl her 10s!

Can someone please ID this lady? I know she was rolling with Nicole Flint and Francois Hougrad. (Never mind)

What Is Beauty?

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