Thursday, 7 March 2013

When Stiaan Louw Presented Lace & Leather Lookbook and The World Went Eyes Wide Shut

This is what Miss Thang had to say about the collection, not to me I just kinda stalked his Facebook page for some JUICE on the collection. “This Made to Order collection literally came about within 5 days, which included a delayed international flight, bloody fingers and archived Missibaba leather accessories. It reflects on the first collections of 2008, before we take an entirely new direction.”

He spoke, now this Stiaan Louw Lace & Leather Lookbook According To Jerri

Initially I wanted to change the wording to Leather and Lace instead of Lace and Leather – forces of habit, brain washed. Then I thought against it as I came to the rationale that maybe Style-Load (Stiaan Louw) wanted his collection name to be just exactly how he phrased it. To highlight that it is predominantly lace with hints of leather maybe?

This collection is nothing but a gate way to make one a man-whore. It is TOTES MAJ all you want to do is disrobe to show off at any sight of a hot tamale. As much as these pieces are looking RIDIC on Jeff they would mos def look even look  much more appeasing peeled and ripped off to pieces on a bedroom floor, kitchen counter, car dashboard maybe? Depends how jiggy you get. 

OK STOP THE LORRY, where is this going!

Can we say it together; Stiaan Louw is FUCKINGAMAZING, what a GENIUS! I love me some Style-Load


Photographer Alex Alfaro
Model Jeff Thomas
Grooming Henry Maritz
Design and layout Charl Edwards

Accessories: Missibaba

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