Monday 21 January 2013

White Noise at Hilton Weiner Store in Sandton City

I would like to take this moment and pay homage to the visual merchandise who dressed this display. You did a FUCKING AMAZING job, this touched and spoke to me in all holy than thou fashion, style and trends levels. Simply impeccable

I found this so hot I just couldn’t pass it by undocumented, even midst a busy mall I still bulked up enough courage to stop and take these images. With the security guy busy looking at me skew and just thought I am going to continue until he stops me by then I would be done in any case.  What is it with mall security personnel and not allowing people to take pictures in the shopping centres? It is weird because they get so authoritative you would swear their erections depend on it; maybe they do but in the greater scheme of things there are bigger issues they should prioritise they policing towards. 

Eish ADD, defying from the subject. 

Well, this just made feel like storming in there and splurging on that WHITE NOISE. It is just a pity that I do not shop at The Platinum Group stores because of their return / exchange policy.
I think we done here. I am glad someone went to work, SHAKE YOUR TITS, I LOVE YOUR WORK.

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