Friday 12 October 2012

Jerri Mokgofe | Snatch The Look

Faced with a wardrobe crisis of having to conceptualizing a look with a STR.CRD 2012 crew Tshirt as my first base I had to be very creative. I mean it was STR.CRD Africa’s first if not only street culture event I knew the kids were going to BRING IT and take it back with! Although I was working and had to be in ‘uniform’ I still had to BUST and look PROPER. AGH whateves, scratch that kinda not feeling like writing an essay! 

These Ndebele beaded pieces are THE TRUTH! I am totally in love with them, they are my South African Obsession! Less is more and more is less why be modest with such beauty? Unlike most people I went in HARD and stacked them up from here to Brits. It was amazing how most people just love the stacked up vibe!

So venture down town and support those mamas!

WARNING: It is NOT fun when you get home and you have to take them off, the admin that comes with arm candy is VERY exasperating!

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