Thursday 11 October 2012

Feiyue Debbies sneakers | Custodian Of Freedom

JUST IN: Canvas mesh upper, Rubber sole, Cotton lining, Soft leather trimmings, and Cotton cushioned insole? YES PLEASE, it can only be the lightweight Feiyue Debbies sneakers.

The mesh base cancas and natural leather details on these kicks are perfect for a summer day and more.

It was a toss between the white and the black pair. Well you can see which colour came a champion from that wardrobe mental battle. The black pair is just as beautiful and ‘practical’.  On the other hand the white pair is ‘high maintenance’, involves high wardrobe conceptual processing before wearing it  and just look pretty to look at but not to wear. Therefore I went with the white pair for vanity reasons!

I mean Black and White – respectively- or in a combo are the hottest colours this season so you can never go wrong with either or. The soft leather trimming detail on the shoes will have you creaming your pants before you could even say shoegasm!

What do you say when Feiyue rings you up and calls you a CUSTODIAN OF FREEDOM well you give your best beauty pageant smile and say Yes I Am, Thank You Very Much.

The pair looks GORJ paired with these washed-out apple green Oak Ridge regular fit chinos from Mr Price which I am wearing today.

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