Monday 3 September 2012

Havaianas 50th Anniversay Limited Edition

In 1962 Havaianas were born. The 100% rubber flip flop which was modeled on the Japanese Zori slipper, still have a rice textured insole today. Havaianas were named in honor of the Hawaiian pleasure centered approach to life: A brand name that conveys the brand’s essence.

The Havaianas revolution that began in Brazil would later change the way the whole world walked… The original Havaianas were two-tone blue and white flip flops. The inspiration for the 50 Year commemorative flip-flop was the brand’s turning point in the early 1990s, when people had the idea of flipping over the Havaianas sole, creating a monochromatic sandal. That was the hint Havaianas needed to innovate and launch the solid colored Havaianas Top. From that day on, Havaianas has never failed to listen to its consumers and all those that love the well-known flipflops. And as a result, thousands of prints, styles and colors that the entire world wears and loves were launched.

By 2000, Havaianas had reached a global level of success as visitors to Brazil fell in love with the brand and filled their suitcases with their favourite pairs and returned home.

Today, Havaianas are the must-have shoe of both the fashion world, where international celebrities are snapped wearing the flip-flops, and in humble areas – Brazil’s favelas, for example – where adults and children alike continue the Havaianas tradition begun in 1962. The Havaianas team recognizes that no sandal has been more loved, has travelled more roads, visited more cities and natural sites than its beloved flip-flop, and would like to give its customers and the planet some of that same generosity in return.

Havaianas have produced 50 000 units of the exclusive 50 year anniversary edition, 100% of the net sales will be donated to UNICEF in support of a project in Brazil

From The Desk Of: Palesa Mashiyane | Styling Concepts | 011 482 7528

P.S 50 000 how many of those 50k will S.A be getting? I simply need to have a pair of those HAVZ in my life!

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