Tuesday, 10 July 2012

LEE 101 Fall Winter Collection

Lee® 101 is a celebration of this American denim brand’s incredible heritage and history, refined and distilled for a modern consumer. Denim aficionados Worldwide know only too well about the iconic styles that started life at the cutting tables of the Lee® Mercantile Co.

Lee® 101 delivers a taste of this authenticity married with a new Sartorialism to offer pieces that are modern, fresh and timeless at once.

Inspired by the hallowed preppy years Of the 60’s when sharp silhouettes and slim, neat looks reigned supreme; Lee® 101 reworks the Lee® icon pieces and delivers looks that are sussed and proper.

Denim comes in to its own with a depth of finishes from crisp rigids to vintage home laundry looks; a key highlight is the 5 dip natural indigo selvage. Every pair of Lee® 101 jeans uses only the best quality denim, sourced from premium Japanese and Italian

Shop 3, Mooi Kloof
34 Kloof Street,
Cape Town
021 422 2888

Lee Concept Store
Theatre of Shopping Upper,
Wavehouse end
031 313 1400 or 031 584 6790

From The Desk of: Clair-Louise Mortimer | Sector Group | 031 313 1400

P.S I have always been for LEE Jeans, I am all for Canadian tuxedos and there is no better denim brand to style that with. My all time favourite LEE Jeans item is the stone washed fitted denim jacket!

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