Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mom, Meet Marc

This is an promo email I received from Marc, I thought it was GENIUS! Do you get it? 

Although you might read and interpret the copy as; a son buying their mother a Marc Jacobs designer item as a present for Mother’s Day. My interpretation of it and what I assume is the other subliminal meaning of the ad is; a Gay son introducing their boyfriend “Marc” to their mother: “Mom, meet Marc” 

Get it? Is in it just GENIUS!!!

Come now, this is just not ON! Do international designer brands’ online stores still do not know where South Africa is on the map? All major courier companies do deliver safely and speedily door-to-door in South Africa so please start shipping across this side! It really is frustrating seeing something that’s been sitting on your Lust List for eons but you cannot buy cause the store only do “Domestic Shipping” Not cool. 

Please do not deny us the pleasures. Yeah for sure there are other online “department” stores that  do stock the products but not all the time and hardly do they have the exclusives and offer specials. The other things is the safety issues,  Lawd knows I have been protected by online retail  angels a few times just when I was about to enter my plastic details and they stormed down my connections screaming; CHIRL STOP THIS IS A BOGUS ASS WEBSITE TRYNA ROB YOU OFF YOUR DESIGNER BAG BUDGET!!!!

Ok that’s another subject for another day or not since its already highlighted.