Thursday, 24 May 2012

This Season's IT Bag

When it comes to bags  the bag that you carry you must have wanted and needed it for about 3 -6 months but always debated the price, size, quality, stitching, material, leather processing  and if it is worth it. You just don’t buy a bag because it will exactly be just that; a bag. You buy The Bag.

A bag you carry, but you wear The Bag and most importantly you Work The Bag! A bag you carry on your shoulder and dump it on the floor whilst sitting but The bag you wear it on your forearm and about 15 cms from your body and you work it! When sitting down you pull up a chair for the bag to nestle it there with care. 

The bag never has nauseating brand names or logos splashed all over, the brand name, make and style can only be identified by the people within the circles and in the know. 

When you working The Bag you naturally walk with a purpose, you walk like you have somewhere to be to do something with some people. A sense of urgency is forever advised every day. 

If you are in state of confusion chances are you carry a bag. Unfortunately I will not be able to say more as I would have to charge. 

The past season and maybe two more seasons to come, I am all about any offerings of the IT bags from ZARA and Cambridge Satchel Company. Those are my truths thus that never fell short thus far!

Keywords: Statement, Statement, Statement, Statement, Statement!