Monday, 19 March 2012

Stoan To The Power Of C

Stoan’s partnership with Csquared as the face of the clothing line in one of the relations that make sense and it doesn’t take much for one to believe in. The synergy is present and there is a strong personal brand integration. 

Without a doubt he is the Csquared kinda gentleman. He wears the clothes with a magnificent poise and looks hella dapper in them without the OTT GQ demeanour. 
His styling is immaculate and polished then again you will have to be a sad lost molecule if you fail to mix and match Csquared items. 

OK FINE, Csquared stole my heart! I do not own any of their rags.  I should treat myself to something cute and test wear the fabric quality, stiches, durability e.t.c O' chirl and don't mess I have an eagle eye when it comes to spending pennys therefore...

Mvelo Ncube a lot of boys would kill for your job, you have stunning clothes to fill best you do a brilliant job at it!