Monday, 12 March 2012

Fashion Trend Alert | Tent It Up

Oversized, Exaggeratted, One Size Fit All, this trend is the TRUTH! Not going to say much here I have been chanting for over two seasons now about this trend!

All I am gonna say is Tent-It-Up and Glamp-It-Up on that fabulous physique of yours. This is your get out of jail free card to wear ill fitting garments, something which have long been frowned upon!

Tip: for winter think XXXL cardigans and sweaters! This is really stunning news because we now do not have to worry about sizes being sold out, you can now buy whatever size is available and run with it to make it work for you.

Obviously with every trend there are Do’s, Don’ts and DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT but for that subject matter you will have to mail me and I will respond with a quote and rate card tailored for your specific needs. I gotts to pay the bills, sorry no free lunch will be served this side of the URL!