Wednesday, 7 December 2011

LWD | The New Blank Canvas

It has been described as “a new blank canvas” “makes you look younger”  “the new to go to staple in the wardrobe”. One thing is for sure a LWD is not a fashion crisis saviour that you can simply run to when you just don’t know what to wear an attribute a LBD is most popular for.

LBDs are easy, safe, tad lazy, and somewhat seen as a get out of jail free ensemble. It has been generally accepted that you cannot go wrong with a LBD.

A LWD offers an opportunity to play! Accessories, accessories, accessories, add colour . It gives you an opening to tell your story totally different from some else who could be in the same room. A LWD allows you the opportunity to stand out and take centre stage unlike the LBD which slides you to the back of the room and make you get lost amongst the masses by default.

O’ yes it also doesn’t allow you to cheat and be an outfit repeat offender one of the most beloved traits of a LBD.

So whip out your LWD and tell your story!