Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Superga Opens Concept Store in Sandton City Extension

“The Superga brand was born in 1913 and has since become part of Italian culture. Most Italians wear their first pair as children. The style has remained virtually unchanged since its debut on the shores of the Italian Riviera more than 75 years ago.
This year, Superga turns 100 years old and still produces the finest quality canvas footwear in the world. After a century of producing traditional Italian classic shoes, Superga has rightfully taken its place as “The People’s Shoe of Italy”.

Superga relaunched in South Africa in 2004, and has quickly become one of the most powerful and well- loved footwear brands in the country.  In just seven years the brand has grown leaps and bounds and has become available in over 200 retailers nationwide including: Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.
On the 10th of November 2011, Superga will open their second concept store in the new edition to Sandton City. The 100 square-meter space will carry all classic Supergas, including a variety of the latest colours and styles. The store will also stock some unique product including brand collaborations and limited edition styles.
The Sandton Extension will attract a ‘multi cultured meets urban edge’ market, which is why it aptly carries the essence of the brand and was therefore chosen as the destination for the second ever Superga concept store in Africa.

Plan-it Design company has designed the space using contemporary aesthetics. The design uses simple, clean lines so as not to deter the eye from the colourful product. Signature Superga graphics will create the backdrop and a highly-polished, white porcelain floors will welcome you into a space of retail comfort. Custom designed freestanding swivel footwear display pods will be positioned within the floor space, providing an opportunity to change as merchandise and styles evolve from season to season.

The most recent addition of Superga concept store was the opening of Neal Street, Covent Garden in the UK. Internationally, the brand has skyrocketed with Alexa Chung as the face of Superga for their 100YR Anniversary. The launch of the Superga concept store (Sandton Extension) will give customers an opportunity to enter a space in which they can explore the brand personality perfectly. “

From The Desk Of: Janna Koppel Public Relations