Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Over-Sized T-Shirt

Let’s tackle a subject of OVER SIZED T-Shirt, a little educational session is desperately needed for the masses.

This is one of my most beloved trends, this summer I am all about oversized Tees! I noted this movement four seasons ago but I heavily resisted telling myself I will wait until I found THE one; The Holy Grail of Oversized T-Shirts aka OSFA (One Size Fits All) Tee.

Like the wise man once said patience is a virtue and most fabulous things come to those who wait. HOLY MOLLY COW did I score, there it was a full on sequenced Adidas ORIGINALS BY ORIGINALS COLLECTION (OBYO) / JEREMY SCOTT Oversized Tee, I closed my eyes and I said a little prayer to the powers above!

And we all know know one does DZRAMA like our dear friend Jeremy Scott, boy is a GENIUS!

In all honesty not an absolute ground breaking noble idea (than again what is?) considering most traditional regalia’s for men have always been oversized and lengthy. I once said there is nothing as originality, but the best implementation at the right time scoops the cake!