Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Perfect Combo

Some people just know how to get it right without even trying! This chick could dress as previous as last season’s Summer Collections but one thing is mos def for sure; she would still look BANGING with this combo! I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with the textures and stitching, suede meets leather; leather throws it off to mustard meets navy all meshed to create timeless numbers!

When I saw her in the club house, I instantaneously knew that she was brewing some FEROCIOUSNESS! She mentioned something very interesting; the pair of heels and the purse were not bought as one of those 101 combo specials off the window display. She bought them in different boutiques and  different seasons whilst she was holidaying in Bulgaria.

Also pay note to the oversized masculine gold watch one of the things that is all that trending jazz right now for ladies in the Fashion-Stylephere!

Love You Work Doll Face Deluxe!