Monday, 11 April 2011

SA Fashion Week S/S '11 : Ephymol

Tommy Hilfiger, Americano, Preppy, Nautical & Striking Reds! That’s what I thought of this ready-to-wear collection.
Love the dominance mixture of white, navy blue and the striking reds. Three basic colours that one can play around with to mix and match with their everyday clothing items. Fitted pieces with a preppy-boy look vibe yet the look can be pulled off meticulously at the office
The nautical story came off strong but not nauseating.
My outmost favourite is the first look, there’s just something about it. The fabric has the Hawaii vibe meets whiteboard-marker-scribble. It’s hard for me to explain but I will try It is like; I am off to the beach yet I am too tailored for the beach, cocktails on the roof top is what I am dressed up for. I guess that’s what’s intriguing about the 2 piece garment; it is super constructed that a wrong model choice, slight stitch mistake would have completely ruined this magnum opus.
When I saw it I closed my eyes and chanted it was totally hard for me to keep my front row seat composure and not hysterically scream and clap my hands.
Great Work Ephraim Molingoana