Saturday 25 October 2014

Media Release: Anisa Mpungwe Reunites With MRP To Create A Collection Celebrating Africa

Anisa Mpungwe’s journey with MRP began in 2008 when she won the Elle Rising Star Design Award in association with MRP. Since winning this prestigious award, the Loin Cloth and Ashes creator has established herself as a force within the fashion industry. Her previous two collections for MRP were both hugely successful and now, Anisa returns with a range that celebrates Africa with striking prints, bold colour and feminine silhouettes.

MRP are also proud to welcome Anisa as an official ambassador for the MRP Foundation, which has been a cause close to the designer’s heart. The newly-launched Ambassador & Mentorship programme provides significant individuals at the top of their field within the fashion and design world with the opportunity to represent the organisation while allowing them the chance to mentor previously unemployed young South Africans who are enrolled in the MRP Foundation’s JumpStart Programme.

The JumpStart Manufacturing Programme directly addresses South Africa’s youth unemployment challenge by developing manufacturing skills for the youth and facilitating an associated trainee placement programme within MRP’s local supply chain. As an ambassador for the MRP Foundation, Anisa will facilitate the teaching of specific learning modules, which form part of the JumpStart Manufacturing Programme, while raising awareness for the MRP Foundation and it’s programmes.

On becoming an ambassador, Anisa says,  “I feel a great sense of responsibility. All these young minds are ready to learn and become something greater for their families, communities and most importantly, themselves. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that process? I am the eldest of three and from a young age, the importance of protecting my siblings and being an example to them was instilled in me. I turned thirty this year and I have realised that the first thirty years of my life were important for me to find myself and plant both feet on the ground. Going forward, everything I do must matter and I must build upon this solid ground. In a few years, I would like to be able to tell my father (who was an ambassador for Tanzania in South Africa) “See Dad, in my way, I followed by example
and became an ambassador too”. I am truly thankful and there is a lot that I am looking forward to.”

Here, Anisa shares her inspiration behind her new range for MRP.

“I wanted a classic but brilliantly-styled collection
which is affordable and accessible.” Anisa Mpungwe

My inspiration
I recently traveled through Africa where I was seduced by the energy of African cities. During my travels, I attended a wedding in Nigeria where I noticed how people embrace colour. They weren’t afraid to be loud and expressive, both vocally and in dress! I also enjoyed how people followed current fashion trends while staying true to their African roots.

Print Direction
Africans are bold and fearless when it comes to print. This inspired me to create a strong print story with a slightly progressive feel. I love how the prints in this collection clash against each other to create pieces that are interesting and special. I’ve also incorporated geometric shapes, which are a favourite design element of mine.

Feminine Silhouettes
My hope is that a variety of women, slim or full-figured will enjoy wearing this collection as much as I enjoyed designing it. I played with proportions that flatter most figures and considered what a woman would like to show off from the length of her dress to the position of her sleeves. And while the collection is figure-conscious, it’s also playful and relaxed.

Anisa’s range will be available in select MRP stores and online at from 27 October 2014. The official hashtag is #anisaforMRP

From The Desk of: Suzannah Garland | Brand Relations Manager | | 031 376 9365 

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