Thursday 14 August 2014

Spitz Group Summer Pop Gallery for One Night Only in Johannesburg

Spitz Group launched their spring / summer 2014 collection on Wednesday night, with a unique and exciting one night only pop-up Gallery with installations featuring each individual Spitz brand. Kurt Geiger were also featured in a modern European bar set up with live models and mannequins to showcase the collection. The final point within the event was the GANT inspired garden party, which featured the most decadent dessert table, by Belle's patisserie.

My Google Maps was acting a cunt last night, and got me terribly lost I nearly turned around and drove back home. Last night was the last straw; I believe it is the end of my lil relationship with Google Maps. I also had an epiphany whilst at the event; it suddenly dawn upon me without warning that the colour red is the opposite of green on the colour wheel of course, therefor you can correct red with green and green with red.

The above paragraph is out of context and probably don’t make sense to you because it is merely a conversation I am currently having with myself in my head. But I just thought I share it with you because I merely just enjoy listening to these voices in my head whilst my fingertips are tap dancing on this keyboard.

Ok that’s it, the voices have stopped.


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