Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Media Release: Danish Women’s Brand, DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN Launches In South Africa

DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN is the brainchild of Keld Mikkelsen, whose vision was to bring beautiful, ethnic influences from his world travels and merge them with Scandinavian simplicity, masculine tailoring and vintage inspired styles.
DAY’s approach to fashion is all about fusion, where opposite ends of the style spectrum blend. Such as refined lines with raw edges. Something romantic with something minimalistic. Unadorned items with embellished accents. A look that’s sharp versus soft. Graphic versus poetic. Where East meets West with a Scandinavian twist.

BRANDGROUP INTERNATIONAL will be launching DAY BIRGER with the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection, arriving middle November 2014.

From The Desk of:  Michelle Hawkins  |  brandgroup international  michelle@brandgroup.co.za

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