Monday 14 July 2014

Day 10: NO AIR x Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2014

When I stepped outside Centenary Hall after watching this Standard Bank Ovation Award winning show called NO AIR. I happened to be walking next to someone who also had just watched the show. I asked; ‘How did you find the show?’ his response was somewhat unexpected. He said; ‘I think it was so kitsch’. I awkwardly laughed it off, walked off my way and did not probe further to find out if this was negative ‘kitsch’ or positive ‘kitsch’. But judging by the tone of his voice, it sounded like the lever was dropping more to the negative connotation side of things.

I, on the other hand I completely loved the show (technicality, physicality, group synchronized seamless delivery, storyline e.t.c). This dance piece was one of the most talked about amongst festival dwellers and the reviews were pretty great as well. Which was one of the main reasons the show quickly crawled up to the top, on my #NAF2014 Must Watch list.

NO AIR is choreographed by Thami Tshabala and Phume Sikhakhane; directed by Kelsey Middleton and presented by Kmad Dane Company.

If this ever comes to a theatre within your city or town make sure to go check it out.

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