Wednesday 23 April 2014

GIVEAWAY: Celebrate 20 Years of Democracy With MUMM Champagne

Last year whilst on vacaycay in Cape Town. A friend of mine and I took a train and we headed to Kalk Bay; on the quest for a drink and some fish and chips. To cut the long story short we ended up sharing a table with an elderly woman at a fish and chips takeaway joint who said this to us: “You are responsible for your own joy”. Profound words yet cliché as it is really something we hear all the time and know but take for granted. Profound because of the setting we were in, as we certainly did not mission on a train to Kalk Bay for some unsolicited elderly wisdom. From that moment on, that line got added to our ‘Friendship Quotes” the quotes that make sense to us. We can share whilst amongst people and only us two know the meaning, context and origin of that specific saying.

The best way to celebrate 20 Years of democracy for me will entail taking a few minutes of the day with a pen and a paper for some self introspect. Be happy, be grateful and most of all be appreciative. Try not to get too political because like sexuality and religion, politics are emotive and can get heated very-quick-very-fast. Have a look at our constitution and the things that make you proud. And the things that make you happy about South Africa.

Change is coming; it will be in your lifetime or it might not be. 20 years is very young and a challenging age yet a beautiful development stage. One cannot help appreciate all the beauty achieved thus far. You are allowed to get pissy about the ugly – you are not a robot. Do not let the negative feelings simmer for far too long within you or they will kill and age your soul whilst alive.

Complaining, whining and bitching hardly can take one anywhere but to the nearest cosmetic counter for some wrinkles defying creams. One of my favourite self-cheering lines when I am in an unfavourable situation is; “It could be worse”. So remember that it could be worse, really it can be, but it is not.

Naturally after that self introspect session one simply must celebrate by popping a bottle (s) of bubbles!

So why don’t we celebrate together? Fancy a bottle of G.H.MUMM Cordon Roug bubbles? Well I have one and I would like to share it with you! All you have to do is answer the question below:

Why will you be celebrating 20 Years of Democracy with a bottle of MUMM?

You may answer the question through my FACEBOOK PAGE or send me a TWEET hashtag #MUMM the giveaway closes: 27 April 2014

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