Sunday, 9 March 2014

Profile: Tumba Kevin Makonga x Design Indaba 2014 | Department of Arts & Culture Enables Design

I also had the opportunity to chat to Tumba Kevin Makonga, a 24 years old Johannesburg based Multimedia designer. This is what he had to say about his first experience showcasing his work at the Deisgn Indaba 2014 under the Emerging Creatives Programme made possible by the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa.

From having spoken with the young designers at the Design Indaba expo, the general consensus is that they would like to see more of the platforms like Design Indaba. Not only that but it must be accessible to everyone across geographic regions and socio-economic background. One other point that was highlighted often was the fact that there aren’t enough collaborations and the spirit of collaboration within the creative industry. For a nation that prides itself in the Ubuntu ideology you would think that we would be more open to working with each other in order to educate, share the know-how in order to attain a much bigger and rewarding goal.

Having noted that, this is what Tumba had to share with me...

As a young emerging South African creator (designer) what are some of your biggest frustrations about the industry you operate in. What is it you would like to see change and what is your solution recommendation?

Not enough platforms and job opportunities in South Africa. Most of my clientele are from overseas. Not enough platforms to showcase new talent. Design indaba isn't enough. 

What are you most positive about with regards to the (South)
African creative and design industry?
Cape Town is about to be the design capital. The world's eyes are going to be on South Africa.
Was this your first time exhibiting at the Design Indaba under the Emerging Creatives' Programme and how has the whole experience helped you and exposed you most to?  As the expo ends today what are you taking with you that you will apply later on to your design business model?
 Yes first time. I gained a lot of contacts. The platform helped me gauge how people receive my design and brand. It taught me that I have to keep marketing myself and my product so people don’t forget the brand after the Design Indaba. Future clients and collaborators were met and showed interest. 
Do you feel that the Department of Arts and Culture’s Emerging Creatives programme at Design Indaba is enough as a government’s initiative to support South African creative talent?

 It’s not enough as it is only once a year. We need more platforms to promote the young talent. But the collaboration with Design Indaba was a success.

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