Friday 28 March 2014

Media Release: Dineo Ranaka for LEGIT Collection #LegitLuvsDineo

LEGiT does it again this Winter! In line with its positioning that encourages young women to take up the rallying cry and shout “Don’t tell me what to wear”, the clothing retailer is proud to announce that their new ambassador is, in her own words, energetic, noisy, creative, crazy, sexy, cool and refreshingly positive. Yes, it’s Dineo Ranaka, and she brings so much more to the LEGiT brand!

This firebrand, free spirit perfectly embodies the LEGiT ethos and, most importantly, as a young up-and-coming designer, its fashion agenda. LEGiT will be collaborating with Dineo to create a range that reflects her infectious personality, her unique angle and her sharp, on-trend eye. It’s the perfect match, and promises to deliver high quality items with a twist, giving South African women affordable must-have fashion items. Dineo’s design philosophy is to create everyday key items that can be mixed and matched in a number of different combinations, giving the wearer more options and ways in which to stand out. She’s a great believer in diversity meeting utilitarian, and as such her range will contain everything from leopard coats that never date to baseball jackets and pointy court shoes that can be worn with almost everything. Winter is about mixing sportswear with feminine touches and banishing black with a palette of cream, burgundy and hot pink highlights.

Dineo is an artistic tour de force, famous for her TV and radio appearances, being a standout mom, her 16 000 Instagram and 359 100 Twitter followers, and most importantly, for her inspiring, outspoken nature. And as she forays into the world of fashion, LEGiT is giving her a golden opportunity to stake her claim as a future powerhouse. She’s always been a kindred spirit, and now she’s a fully-fledged member of the LEGiT family. “We’re so excited to have Dineo on board,” remarks Hazel Pillay, Divisional Buyer for LEGiT. “She really does encapsulate everything the brand stands for, and because of her growing interest and influence on the fashion world – she’s a celebrity with real insight into trends – we felt that there would be synergy in having a legitimate, authentic fashion voice partnering with us. This is going to be a hot-blooded, vibrant, exciting Winter – no grey skies with this lady in the mix!”

Dineo is equally enthusiastic: “I share LEGiT’s a passion for fashion, and I’m honoured to be able to contribute to a countrywide mission to give South African girls the opportunity and depth to dress how they want to. I’m so excited to be given a platform whereby I can reach an existing captive fashion audience, and this audience better be ready for some killer items…which I’m going to be spreading all over my Twitter and Instagram feeds!”

So, if you love what Dineo loves – attitude clothing, different hairstyles, lipstick, nails, shoes, shorts, bright colours and timeless fashion – then you’re going to fall head over high heels in love with what she’s bringing to LEGiT. This Winter is going to be hot, hot, hot. You have been warned!

From The Desk of:  Alison Fyfe-Turck | Fyfe PR | 083 653 1707 |

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