Wednesday 4 December 2013

Media Release: Cirque Magazine Is Here Covered by Khanya Ngumbela

As the name suggests, Cirque is all about the showmanship, glamour and artistry of high fashion, but it has a sizable side-helping of luxury lifestyle and beauty too. It’s got gorgeous photography, boundary-pushing art direction, and insightful, relevant and fun-to-read articles. To top it all off, Cirque’s spotlight is firmly centred on the local stage, giving our designers and experience-makers a cutting-edge platform to stand out in the international crowd.

So, what about that whole digital bit, you might ask? Is it just about saving trees? While that’s a side-benefit to be sure, Cirque is a whole lot more than just paperless. It’s an interactive fashion experience that capitalises on the freedom of digital media. Think animation, video, and sound, all in the pages of a top-notch fashion magazine, and the only space it takes up in your beach bag is in your iPad’s Newsstand shelf.

To find out for yourself why Cirque Magazine is causing waves, download it to your iPad (it’s FREE) from the Apple App Store, or Newsstand App. No iPad? No problem: there’s a pdf version available on our website, too. It doesn’t have all the interactive awesomeness, but it’s just as pretty!

From The Desk of: The Cirque Magazine Team

Editor’s Note: I have went through their first issue “THE CREATION ISSUE” described as: ‘Primal instincts meet wild luxury as we explore the power of creation in South Africa's fashion and lifestyle worlds.’ This launch issue is covered by Khanya Ngumbela lensed by Matt Stowand it is quite a quality product.  Tasty fashion spreads, detailed feature articles and 5 minute bite sized profile interviews. I haven’t completely read the issue in its entity but went through it twice skimming through its sections and assessed its value offering. Very clean layout and beautiful photography but I guess you cannot fuck it up for an online platform like this and if you do well… S’Too late for you lover!

 The Cirque Magazine Team urges you to please feel free to send them feedback, or share your feelings via social media or on your blog. So Do Best, if not have a look at what they have to offer if you the skep type and don’t buy a word from their media release! I am busy downloading the second issue on to my newsstand t read during my vacay-cay

Happy reading!

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