Wednesday 9 October 2013

Conversation in a Volvo V40 Cross Country with Marie Claire South Africa for #MCTrunkShow

Just in case you were wondering how this whole drive-video-conversation happened here is the deal:

I got in to the new Volvo V40 Cross Country. There is a go pro camera attached on to the windscreen positioned in my direction. There is a videographer lady on the passenger seat holding a DSLR camera recording a video from a different angle. Romy Heldsinger - Business Development Manager for Marie Claire Magazine South Africa in the backseat holding an iPhone that is wirelessly connected to the GoPro camera (I know pretty intense right). 

Romy announces; you are going to drive around Johannesburg CBD and I am going to ask you some questions and basically we will be having a conversation. I was like wait a minute, this is an automatic car and I have never driven an automatic before! Not only that but I have to drive an automatic for the first time in the heart of Johannesburg city. There are all these taxis, malfunctioning traffic lights and I must be able to focus on the road whilst having a conversation with you and these two cameras? FUN!

I had to centre myself and think of the great words of the pop princess of our time – Miss Britney Spears and think “You wanna drive a VOLVO, You BETTER WORK BITCH”

NO, I am not in bed with VOLVO South Africa – it would be amazing of course to call that piece of machine mine – but this video was taken to promote the Marie Claire Trunk Show happening on the 10 October 2013 at Neighbourgoods Market from 5pm in the evening. I will have a store there and selling all my tricks and trinkets. Like I say in the video, pull through, bring your purse it better not be lean and shop away!

This is what I Marie Claire had to say:

Marie Claire’s Trunk Show partner Volvo took to the streets last week along with three of Jozi’s fashion insiders. Jerri Mokgofe is a fashion PR consultant and founder of the ever-popular blog His flamboyant personality has garnered him a big social media following and as the ‘new kid on the block’ he’s a perfect fit for the new Volvo V40 Cross Country!”

I scratched out the sentence above as I find it condescending and ill-informed. Not too sure where the writer mined this blanket view from, in order to conclude that one has “a big social media following” simply by having a “flamboyant personality” nor can I comprehend which “new kid” or “block’” the staff writer is referring to.  

This is what Volvo South Africa had to say: 

“Take a ride with fashion blogger Jerri Mokgofe of According To Jerri as he jets around Jozi in the New Volvo V40 Cross Country. Jerri's unique and unconventional approach to style makes him a perfect match for the Volvo V40.”

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